Performance Grade PG 58-10

Performance Grade PG 58-10 Bitumen for Africa

Africa Performance Grade Bitumen PG 58-10 Specifications

Tiger Cement Limited has the capability to Export and Supply the Performance Grade Bitumen PG 58-10.  Compliance with National and International standards.

PG 58-10 Bitumen Specifications
Property PG58 Test Method
Average 7-day maximum pavement Design Temperature, °C 58
minimum pavement Design Temperature, °C > -10
Original Binder
Flash Point Temperature Minimum °C 230 AASHTO T48
Viscosity maximum 3 Pa.s, Test Temperature,°C 135 AASHTO T316
Dynamic Shear G*/sin minimum 2.2 KPa Test Temperature,°C 58 AASHTO T315
Rolling Thin Film Oven Test AASHTO T240
Mass change maximum percent 1.00
Dynamic Shear G*/sin minimum 2.2 KPa Test Temperature, @ 10 rad/s °C 58 AASHTO T315
Pressure Aging Vessel AASHTO R28
PAV aging Temperature, °C 100
Dynamic Shear G*/sin maximum 5000 KPa Test Temperature, @ 10 rad/s °C 28 AASHTO T315
Creep Stuffiness S maximum 300 Mpa m-value minimum 0.300 Test Temperature,@ 60s °C 0 AASHTO T313
Direct Tension Failure strain minimum 1 % Test Temperature @ 1mm/min, °C 0 AASHTO T314
Critical low cracking Temperature Critical cracking determined by PP42 Test Temperature 0 AASHTO PP42