Bitumen 95/25

Oxidized Bitumen 95/25 for Africa

Oxidized Bitumen 95-25 is a Black Solid material and gradually Liquid when heated. Oxidized Asphalt 95/25 is based on Petroleum Bitumen which is made by blowing bitumen 60/70 by very hot air. The Oxidized Bitumen 95/25 should be Heated Double Temperature against the Softening Point to support have flow and viscosity. Tiger Bitumen has the ability of supplying all Grades of Oxidized Bitumen according to the Specifications request by customers. You can find Oxidized Asphalt 95-25 Specifications below.

Oxidized Bitumen 95-25 Specifications for Africa

Oxidized Bitumen 95/25
Property Specifications Test Method
Softening Point (̊C) 95±5 ASTM D36
Penetration at 25 ̊C 25±5 ASTM D5
Thermal Loss % 0.2 ASTM D1754
Solubility in trichloroethylene 99.5 ASTM D2042

Uses of Oxidized Bitumen 95/25

Oxidized Bitumen 95/25 used for water-proof application and corrosion resistance for pipe coating, Portland cement pavement and hydraulic applications. Also use in paint manufacturing, caulking, mastics, and damp proofing. Oxidized Asphalt Bitumen 95-25 also use in insulation and isolation bitumen membrane sheet. Also Car undercoating Automobile industry specially required for Blown Asphalt. The Oxidized Asphalt Bitumen 95/25 products are also use for paving, asphalt-based paints for corrosion protection of metals, in lining public works structures, adhesives in electrical laminates and base for synthetic turf.