Anionic Emulsion for Africa – Slow Setting

Anionic Emulsion Bitumen - Slow Setting SS-1 and SS-1H

Chemical surface-active agents, which serve as Emulsifiers, are classified by the electrochemical charge that is attained when they dissociate in a water solution. In the case of ANIONIC EMULSIONS, the chemical charge is NEGATIVE. The chemical type and quantity of surface-active agent used in the manufacturing process governs the process in which the resulting asphalt emulsion can be used.

Tiger Cement Limited has the capability to Export and Supply the different Grades of Emulsion Bitumen. Anionic Slow Setting SS-1 and SS-1H in compliance with National and International standards.

Emulsion Bitumen Anionic Slow Setting SS-1 and SS-1H Specifications for Africa

Emulsion Anionic Bitumen Slow Setting SS-1 and SS-1H Specifications
Tests on Emulsion min-max min-max
Viscosity, SF, 25°C, SFs 20 – 60 20 – 60
Viscosity, SF, 50°C, SFs
Sieve Test, #20, % 0.1 max 0.1 max
Settlement, 5 days, % 5 max 5 max
Storage Stability, 24h, %
Demulsibility, 35ml CaCl2 0.02N, %
Cement Mixing Test, % 2 max 2 max
Coating Test, % 80 min 80 min
Residue by Distillation, 260°C, % 55 min 55 min
Oil Portion of Distillate (V/M), %
Particle Charge ( – ) or 0 ( – ) or 0
Tests on Residue
Penetration, 25°C, dmm 100 – 200 40 – 100
Solubility in TCE, % 97.5 min 97.5 min
Ash Content, % mass of res
Ductility, 25°C, cmFloat Test, 60°C, sec 40 min 40 min
Float Test, 60°C, sec


  • 220 (Liter) New Steel Drum
  • 230 (Liter) New Steel Drum
  • 240 (Liter) New Steel Drum