Bitumen 85/25

Oxidized Bitumen 85/25 for Africa

Oxidized Bitumen 85-25 is a Black Solid material and gradually Liquid when heated. Oxidized Bitumen 85/25 based on Petroleum Bitumen which is made by blowing bitumen 60/70 by very hot air. Tiger Bitumen has the ability of supplying all Grades of Oxidized Bitumen according to the Specifications request by customers. You can find Oxidized Bitumen 85-25 Specifications below.

Oxidized Bitumen 85-25 Specifications for Africa

Oxidized Bitumen 85/25
Property Specifications Test Method
Softening Point (̊C) 85±5 ASTM D36
Penetration at 25 ̊C 25±5 ASTM D5
Thermal Loss % 0.2 ASTM D1754
Solubility in trichloroethylene 99.5 ASTM D2042

Uses of Oxidized Bitumen 85/25

Oxidized Bitumen 85-25 is widely used as an anti-slip layer compound in the piling industry and for the manufacture of roofing felts. Also use for the roofing and waterproofing industries and under carriage sealant in the automotive industry. Also use for the Electric cable joint protection, joint filling compound, carpet-backing, corrosion protection. Acoustic panels, chemical, fuel, Manufacture of paints, sealant compound, and many others. Also used in sealing saw cuts and joints where expected movements are minimum. It also used in the manufacturing of bituminous marine mastic for the oil & gas pipeline joints. Further, Oxidized Bitumen used in the manufacture of bituminous marine mastic, which required for the oil and gas pipeline joints.